NRI Legal Service

NRI Legal Services in Hyderabad

Cases with NRI parties involved require flawless legal representation; so that the client’s legal interests are best safeguarded even if they cannot be physically present in the country. Khanna Law Associates came into existence to cater legal services to the citizens of India, both residing within the geographic limits of the country, and those abroad. As a renowned name in the legal service industry, at Khanna law Associates, we have been dispensing pioneering legal advocacy and consultancy on behalf of our NRI clients. Our partners have collectively amassed decades’ worth of experience, lending their legal skills and expertise to diverse NRI legal services.

Our legal offices represent NRI clients in a broad spectrum of legal matters, pertaining to property deals, commercial litigations, family matters, civil matters, legal disputes of any kind and financial irregularities as well. Real estate related matters are the most common type of legal scruples where NRI clients see our advice; and we are proud to confess that we have always succeeded in representing our client, protecting their interests and resolving their legal challenges in the process.

At Khanna Law Associates, our seasoned partners and staff are always at the disposal of NRI clients who need sound legal expertise in a broad spectrum of legal issues. One of the foundations of our groundbreaking NRI legal services is our empathy for our NRI clients. We fully understand the predicament of a party who may or may not always be able to represent themselves in a legal case, or a court of law. Thus, NRI clients deserve a legal team that specializes in acting on behalf of the client, in the latter’s absence for the most part. We go the extra mile to inform our clients about the most updated versions of the applicable laws, strategies, proceedings, and as such.

Khanna Law Associates has made a name for itself for distinguished service and due diligence in representing NRI parties over the years in numerous cases. We are thoroughly versed in the necessities and particulars of successfully liaising with an overseas client- this includes and is not limited to, understanding their concerns, doing the research and study on their case, apprising the client in non-technical terms about the course of action, representing the client in legal proceedings, keeping the client updated about the progress, follow through and take the best action that results in a favorable outcome for our clients.

Why hire Khanna Law Associates for NRI legal cases?

The offices of Khanna Law Associates can guarantee prospective NRI clients critical, strategic and ethically-guided expertise in legal matters pertaining to different branches of the law. Prospective NRI clients can expect:

  • Thorough understanding of your legal requirements
  • Diligently researched legal advisory services from our veteran legal partners and staff
  • Steady communication in all modern forms, that keeps you abreast of the proceedings of your case
  • Timely deployment of legal representation
  • Representation in every shape or form to follow through with your case
  • Attention to the best outcome for the NRI client, with as little delay and cause for concern
  • Completely discreet legal expertise dispensation
  • 24*7 availability of legal assistance and consultancy

Various NRI legal services provided by Khanna Law Associates

Realistically, NRIs have to rely on their friends and family in the country to find them legal assistance for different legal matters. Now this can prove to be a hassle in itself. But, why consult anyone else, when Khanna Law Associates can resolve all your legal qualms under one roof?

To this effect, Non Resident Indians can contact Khanna Law Associates for free for consultation on a diverse range of legal matters.

Divorce lawyer in Hyderabad

Khanna Law Associates provides time-tested expertise in divorce matters for NRI clients. We have collective expertise in mitigating mutual and contested divorce matters, marriage annulments, maintenance, child custody proceedings, domestic issues, etc. We also assist NRI clients with associated legal matters such as real estate disputes in matters of divorce.

Nаmе Chаngе Service in Hyderabad

Name changing can be a legal nightmare for NRIs, and in most cases they have to visit the country for such matters. However, with the services of Khanna Law Services, you can assure yourself a hassle-free name change process. We assist clients with voluntary name change proceedings, post-marital name change proceedings, etc.

Fаmіly Cаsеs lawyer in Hyderabad

NRIs can rest assured when they contact Khanna Law Associates for family-related legal matters. Family cases are sensitive cases and require an empathetic touch on the side with efficient legal counsel. Be it cases tending to the Hindu marriage act, Muslim law, or even any special case of marriage, NRIs can count on Khanna Law Associates. We also assist clients in family cases related to disputes such as divorces, child custody matter, alimony and child support, etc.

Crіmіnаl Cаsеs lawyer in Hyderabad

Khanna Law Associates partners bring to the table several years’ worth of collective experience in litigating different kinds of criminal cases over the years. Our areas of expertise in assisting NRI clients with criminal cases include, but are not limited to criminal appeals, revisions, writs and trials, FIR quashing, anticipatory or regular bail, vigilance special courts, white collar crimes and a host of other types of criminal legality matters.

NRI Property cases (Non Resident Indians)

One of the most common form of legal hassle which forces NRIs to visit back home on a sour note, are property cases. Real-time challenges such as inability to meet court dates, submit legal documents on time are a real headache for NRIs. At Khanna Law Associates, we specialise in handling property disputes, partitions, family-oriented property disputes, and property purchase, sell and rental assistance for NRIs.

Writing A Will for NRI

Khanna Law Associates can help you in preparing your will even if you are an NRI. We understand that when it comes to drawing up legal documentation as important as a will, it may not always be physically possible for NRIs to travel distances for mere legal proceedings. We step up on behalf of NRI clients and take charge for drawing up a will, ensuring the process is followed through as per specifications, down to the most minute detail.

Vіоlаtіоn оf Humаn Rіghts Nоtаry & Dееds

Unfortunately, the violation of human rights is one of the most common legal issues with which clients contact us. NRI clients shall be happy to know that Khanna Law Associates deals matters of violation of human rights with strict vigilance and proactive legal action to ensure the sanctity of your legal rights abroad.

The onus is on us to win over your trust with real-time results, through our expertise. With Khanna Law Associates by your side, you can forget the necessity to travel back and forth from India back to your current country of residence. We ensure you have full clarity of understanding and transparency into all legal matters for which you make us responsible along with the swift disbursal of justice.