Area of Practice - Civil Law


Khanna Law Associates dispenses legal advisory services to clients in all matters that fall inside the bracket of civil law. Our body of work involves providing consultation and representing clients in civil litigations. Our portfolio boasts of successful cases undertaken on the behalf of public as well as private clients. Representing the clients in diverse civil cases- such as property disputes and their recovery, injunctions, custody and guardianship matters, writ petitions, and a myriad assortment of legal matters associated with civil law- is our duty.

Khanna Law Associates is known for its diligent and discreet handling of such sensitive cases with the utmost dedication. Our ranks also boast of lawyers who are functional for the Central Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad. The entire scope of our services for civil law is in full regulatory compliance of the most updated forms of the applicable penal codes. We undertake full responsibility for the commitments made to the client, by representing them in proceedings, ensuring procedural statutory compliance, maintaining documentation and updating the client about the development of their case.

Khanna Law Associates is at your disposal for all kinds of legal assistance in the broad spectrum of civil law, regardless of whether you are a resident or non-resident Indian.