Matrimonial Laws Of Divorcee, Dvc, Maintenance , Dowry


Khanna Law Associates can officiate legal services for family law related cases. Our family law services include legal expertise for divorces, domestic marriages, foreign marriages involving NRI citizens, matrimonial disputes, instances covered under the Domestic Violence Act, alimony, maintenance, dowry and settlement of other family law disputes.

Family laws always revolve around the most sensitive of legal cases. In some instance, they spill over to the public domain as well and require further delicate handling. Khanna Law Associates have successfully resolved many such cases pertaining to matrimony and matrimony related disputes, no matter how complex. We are also equally professional and familiar with family laws that revolve around divorces. We try to put our best foot forward to bring such instances to a mutually amicable conclusion.

Clients can also look up to us for advisory in complex family disputes, such as those pertaining to domestic violence, will, inheritance and succession, that fall within the domain of marital law. Our services in matrimonial law are available to both resident and non-resident Indians.