Area of Practice - Criminal Law


At Khanna Law Associates we provide distinguished legal consultancy, advisory and representation for matters pertaining to Indian Criminal Laws. Our partners have been practicing and handling criminal law cases for years, both individually and collectively. We assist clients by researching and investigating the charges levied against them in a criminal case, adjudging the validity of the same with reference to the IPC, challenging the charges if and when they are filed, and then building a solid defence that mitigates the outcome for our client.

At Khanna Law Associates, our partners and staff bring to the table a world of experience in matters pertaining to the Indian criminal justice system. We offer advisory and representation in criminal law matters such as anticipatory bail, domestic violence, bigamy, cybercrime, consumer court cases, financial fraudulency cases, etc., just to name a few. We believe in following a strict result oriented approach when it comes to dealing with criminal cases. It helps us ensure that the best version of the law is upheld, both functionally and ethically.

Our cyber law services are at the disposal of both resident Indians and non-resident Indians. Ensuring that the statement ‘All are innocent in the eyes of law, until proven guilty’ is held to the highest standards in practical application, is our mission.